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Vorlesungsverzeichnis Sommersemester 2024

Termine - Ort & Zeit

17.04.2426.06.24Mittwoch2-wöchentlich14:00 - 17:00Heumarkt 14, R.1.06 (Seminarraum 1)
von-bis14:00 - 17:00
OrtHeumarkt 14, R.1.06 (Seminarraum 1)

Beschreibung des Seminars

We have read a lot about artificial intelligence in the news, but in our KHM reality, we might have had, until now, little to do with AI in filmmaking. In the seminar "Artificial Intelligence and Film", we will look at the wide variety of AI applications in film (pre-)production, screenwriting, image generation and other aspects of AI in the film industry. We will meet with producers, filmmakers and broadcasters to ask how they implement AI, inquire into the advantages and limitations they encounter using these tools, and how they approach future developments in AI. Besides that, we will explore whether AI is indeed artificial and/or intelligent, what the legal and moral implications are, and how we can operate, experiment with and subvert this relatively new tool. Or, as ChatGPT text: Embark on an exploration of the cutting-edge intersection between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the art of filmmaking. This seminar aims to illuminate the transformative role that AI plays in various aspects of the filmmaking process, from preproduction and screenwriting to image generation. As technology continues to evolve, the marriage of AI and filmmaking opens up exciting possibilities for creative expression, efficiency, and innovation. One more time, this time prompted to write for an art academy: Embark on a captivating exploration at the intersection of artistic expression and technological innovation. Our seminar, "AI and Cinematic Artistry," delves into the transformative role that Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays in various facets of cinematic creation, from preproduction and screenwriting to image generation. This seminar, tailored for the artistic minds of our community, promises to unveil the exciting possibilities AI brings to the canvas of filmmaking. You Thank you ChatGPT You're welcome!

If you have any more questions or if there's anything else I can help you with, feel free to ask.

Enjoy your seminar, and best of luck with your artistic endeavors!


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