Räume als Prozesse

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Spaces as Processes


Experimental #Space_Process shifts toward a new corpus of instrumentations, made out of tools, computation, mechanization, but also and simultaneously of fictions and lines of subjectivity, synchronous with our symptoms; of fears and great escapes in the “here and now”. The purpose of this LAB-Studio is to explore Attitudes   that show a correlation, a co-dependency with the forms they underpin,  through their conflicts and reciprocities. It is to discover a post-digital, post-human,  post-activist, post-democratic, post-feminist world, … a queer, androgynous, carnal, disturbing, disenchanted, pornographic, transient, transactional world, … where  scenarios, mechanisms, misunderstandings, and psychological, physiological , biological fragments are what make up walls and ceilings, cellars, attics, an urban crypto-colonization,… schizoid and paranoid, between the lines of operative and critical fictions… The androgynous folds and recesses behind which… he(s) / she(s) … hide(s), trigger(s) confusion and gut reactions, suspect hostilities, fantasized idealization, and even premeditated oblivion. We must use paradoxical postures and aesthetical mechanisms to highlight biopolitical dark-ECO challenges, the potentials and disorders of contemporary technologies, from their early stages to their merchandising, and suspect them of not being so harmless, beyond conventional discourses and self-conscious aesthetics…”

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