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Sonia Leliukh & Loreto Quijada: “It’s terrible to lie in chains, to rot in a dungeon deep, but it’s still worse when you are free to sleep, and sleep, and sleep …”

Opening: Thursday, 28 September, 7 pm

To truly empathize with a historical event that has been under the world’s gaze for two years, it's essential to connect with personal views. The artists Sonia Leliukh and Loreto Quijada – one from Ukraine and the other from Chile – embarked on a journey to Kyiv to capture everyday existence through various mediums. Their aim is to convey daily life in a war zone. Within this narrative lies a profound duality—mundane life and events in contrast with the stress and hurt from a forced occupation, but also the point of view of those who’ve called this place home their entire lives and the eyes of those witnessing Ukraine for the first time.

Borrowing its title “It’s terrible to lie in chains, to rot in a dungeon deep, but it’s still worse when you are free to sleep, and sleep, and sleep” fom a poem by the Ukrainian painter and poet Taras Ševčenko (1814-1861), the exhibition weaves together several formats and mediums such as videos, photography, animations, and installations to offer a mosaic of perspectives on this intricate tapestry of human existence. The artists’ primary objective is to create awareness thus avoiding oblivion, and to raise donations for Liubov Bondarenko, the woman who inspired us to create these artworks.

About the artists:

Sonia Leliukh is a 2D Animator and activist from Kyiv, Ukraine. Creator of the Animated Short film: “Frog with Horns,” organizer of the event “Cultural Front: Art from Ukraine during the war”. Fresh Student of Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Always driven by desire to show Ukrainian culture through art. Aims to use different techniques and discover new methods of traditional animation.

Loreto Quijada is a filmmaker and media artist from Chile with an intuitive style of narrative techniques aiming to share artistic human-focused endeavors. She combines Latin American and European perspectives to ideate pluralistic, out-of-the-box experiences that blur out genre codes, format delimitations, and language frontiers.

Ausstellung | Exhibition:

29.09. – 07.10.2023

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