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Klang-Performance  I  Installation. Diplomausstellung von Ali Chakav in St. Gertrud.

Eröffnung + Liverperformance, 1. Februar 2018, 19 Uhr, sankt gertrud: kirche+kultur
Krefelder Str.57
50670 Köln

Ausstellung:  2. und 3. Februar, 17-20 Uhr

The pedestrian becomes the way with the behavior of the mind, and the mind of the way would be the behavior of the pedestrian. The minds room overlaps the sounds and the transference of the sounds changes the dimensions of the room. Transference of the current.

The segregated room of the mind have a collective sound memory. Being omnidirectional with ears that don't just hear but are creating diverse concepts in the enigmatic angles of the mind. psyche and body are reflected facing the sound. Your mind absorbs the words of sounds [sound-words], and the voices of the words combine with your mind. The definitive moment of sound and resonance. The rupture of the sound in the contract of silence.

Sound events and incidents of sounds. The computing system of incidents and the incidents that computes us.

Creating words and attracting the vocabulary of the sounds surround us in combination with your mind. And your mind means our mind.

The right ear raises and passes the width of the street, a pedestrian passes by, turns back and looks, The left ear is still standing next to the red light. The violation of the distance between two ears in a head. Your ears and my ears are moving at variable intervals. The city has many ears, And the sound particles disappear at indefinite intervals.

You that are the vibration of a somatic, or are the waves releasing in my material environment. We are each other's movements, the number of my frequential moves or my swinging movements within your certain time is our frequency. We are also non-musical, in the non- geographical rooms of our bodies.

The obligatory silence of the darkness

In this shiny room
Which in the debate with the objects


And the room

get rids
of the words

Sound-words fly in the Encyclopedia of the mind. The circle that breaks, a circle that becomes a line. Straight and spherical sounds from the city's source that it reaches or does not reach the listener's creatures ears.

In the timelessness of a time, we are the time variable, in the Indirect condition of the Sound. We are the encounter of the sound with a surface and we are not to get back at moments of receiving the sound. The sound simultaneously gets out and comes in from different paths.

In the unknown suburbs, the unknown sounds make unknown smiles

They are sleeping in the shape of the circle,
going In the square shape,
And give birth in shapes without angles,
the unknown sounds become The doors halfway open and the wind

And they planting the half-open doors between seasons

Sometimes they become air and And split the time particles into fine seconds

Which ears are from the thousands of ears that rise with the first sound and follow the wind. Mouth which ear stays open from going away. Sounds that reduce the pains inflammation.Voices that stream memory. In the domain of the sound, in all life and death, we are fluctuating.

We hear so we do not listen.The city is the loud sound of us not-listening. The waves pass through the coordinates of bones and meat, air, and bodies. Where is the detection border? Detection of the bone from the Air?

Urban sounds are inherently random! Movement of the particles of matter and sound, spreading. The city moves in my head.

I see the speed of the city's sounds in my heads room and I hear the density of the molecules. The sound is more isolated from light and heat, isolated is the place where matter is. And we are the matter from the point of view of the sound.

What do we hear when we hear the sound of each other's minds?
When two sounds spread in two heads.
When the spreading sounds hit each other, How is the third sound?
How are the sounds heard when they have spiraled around in the city's head?
When the voices of cities spin around in their heads and blend in with our inner sounds, our hearing world is angled, like the sound inside me at the angles of this building.

What do we hear?

Redaktion — Juliane Kuhn
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