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Anti-Racism Podcast (ARP) is a discussion-based podcast, that offers a critique on forms of racism, institutional or structural. It's consisting of members with different artistic, ethnic, sexual identities, backgrounds, who all share being students of the KHM (Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln). With this as our starting point, sharing discriminating experiences at this institution, we aim at, with each of our distinct perspectives, talking about explicit racism at the social-structural level alongside the subtle discriminations and power differentials felt throughout being students at a german art-school and a human being in general.

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ARP 3rd Ep

Appropriated Ingredients

Appropriated Ingredients is the title of the third episode of the ARPodcast. Starting from questions about cultural appropriation, we continue speaking of identities and possibilities of self-identifcation as marginilized bodies.

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ARP 2nd Ep

Care Crisis

In the second ARPisode Care Crisis, we got to talk about labour exploitation and imported work-forces, including from Eastern Europe, care chains and visa issues faced by foreign students.

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ARP 1st Ep

Living along with the group that discriminates against me

In this first episode, we are talking about feelings that accompany the language barrier, especially where racism and discrimination are mediated.

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ARP Episode
  • ARP 1st Ep: Living along with the group that discriminates against me.
  • ARP 2nd Ep: Care crisis
  • ARP 3rd Ep: Appropriated ingredients
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