Franziska Windisch - Tuned City Messene 2018 (Acts of Listening)


Acts of Listening is part of the 4th edition of Tuned City taking place entirely in the ancient town Messenia/Greece 2018. The archaeological site and active excavation with all it’s layers of history is the ideal place to reflect about ‘city as a construct‘ and explore the sensual aspects of space as well as social and political dimensions of the city.

Acts of Listening, a group of artists from Europe and South America, will meet for two weeks in the ancient place to establish a dialogue between the ruins that once hosted a vibrant city to be inspired by it’s conception and history, traces and findings. During the three festival days of Tuned City they will operate like a satellite, injecting, questioning and challenging the proceedings.

With Cristian Espinoza (CL), Barbara Gonzalez (CL), Nicolas Spencer (CL), Franziska Windisch (DE), Florian Tuercke (DE) and Rene Rissland (DE).

Acts of Listening is initiated and moderated by Fernando Godoy (CH) and Carsten Stabenow (DE).

Redaktion — Juliane Kuhn
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