Christian Faubel: Interaction design & Dynamical systems, time for change?

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Vortrag bei der Werkwoche in Augsburg

Interaction design & Dynamical systems, time for change?

Dynamic systems theory is a theoretical framework for modeling systems that change over time such as chaos, weather, mechanical systems or nervous systems. Dynamic systems theory comes with the burden of being considered as complicated and this is of course true if one dives deep into the theory. It is maybe because of this burden that dynamic systems theory is only marginal in interaction design. The most common approach in modeling an interacting artifact is the finite state machine, which is a concept that comes from computer science. If one digs deep enough into finite state machines and the theory of automata one finds that it is also a complicated field. But in order to program a finite state machine all this knowledge is not required. For dynamics systems theory this is actually similar, it is possible to use it just as a tool. With not too much mathematical knowledge and the help of computers for integrating dynamical equations, it is not much more complicated than having to write a standard piece of code.

In this lecture I will make a plea for the use of dynamic systems theory in interaction design, mainly because I think interaction is about time based processes that are all about change from moment to moment.

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