Christian Faubel: songs from my analogue utopia

Performance mit einem Overheadprojektor im Rahmen des Symposiums/Ausstellung "Inter/Sections Experiments in Media, Arts and Technology" an der Queen Mary University in London.

In "songs from my analogue utopia" I explore the self- organizing coordination dynamics of analog oscillators and the Utopian potentials of analogue communication. In analogue communication synchronization and coordination appear as emergent effects and are not codified. These emergent effects are similar to coordination patterns observed in nature such as the synchronization of fireflies or the synchronization of people when clapping their hands. Because synchronization results from the mutual interaction of two or more processes, not a single process is dominating the other. It is in the mutuality and in the degrees of freedom of each participating process where i see the Utopian potential of analogue communication.

Christian Faubel ist künstlerisch-wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter im Lehrgebiet Experimentelle Informatik in der Fächrgruppe exMedia.

Redaktion — Juliane Kuhn
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