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Titelbild des Projekts READY TO LEAVE
  • Jonathan Omer Mizrahi
Entstehungsjahr: 2018
Kategorien: Installation, Rauminstallation, Installation
The totality of megastructures stream towards vast directions. Transit of air moves through buildings, machines and bodies, always already withdrawn from experience. I abbreviate “A Ha!” and exhale waste and germs (sometimes dangerous). This is also a pressure system. Collectively, humans, technologies and ecosystems perform the rotating door of the “you give some you lose some”. In the meanwhile space turns to threat as the segregation of waste is becoming a big problem. Orientation, however, is forever clear. As if the world ceased to exist, and everything is in the fixed depressive Ready - at - hand (Zuhandenheit) state of being grounded.
Prof. Mischa Kuball
  • Jonathan Omer Mizrahi
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Titelbild des Projekts READY TO LEAVE
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