Save Zour Gold Watch

Ziting Huang
Entstehungsjahr: 2019
Kategorien: Computer / Internet, Computerspiel
Projektart: 2. Projekt
Save Zour Gold Watch is a work about Time, Space, Value, Goal...also Jokes, Mistakes, Depression... When I work on a project as an artist, it often ends up in a box - the exhibition space. At those moments that the works are finished setting up, I always ask myself what I’m chasing after. I built this box, which I try to make people associate to a white empty place for art works. In it, people are going to play a shooting game, which is all about “shoot and gain” as usual. The game works with a very simple logic, “chase the target - earn the reward”, which is also a common logic in the daily life, in almost all careers, and, as a career, in art. The difference with the big-budget productions (true, there is no big budget in this) is, while making this game, as an art work, I concentrated neither on the design of any weapons, nor astonishing ways of killing, or surprising rewards, but on trying create this two receptions - chasing the target without a consciousness of reason, and being puzzled when the targets appear endless. Time is a indispensable element in this game, it creates pressure, which forces the player not to think what is happening, but to do what is been given , because when time runs out it means failure. Once they fail after a long stand or even worse, they don’t fail but find out that, there is no any kind of “Win”, it becomes nihility. At this moment, the question about “What for”, is the question that I want to make outside the white space, “Save your …. ! What for?”
Game design & Sound design: Ziting Huang
Programmiert von Naiyun Yang (Kunst Akademie Düsseldorf)
Prof. Zil Lilas
Ziting Huang
Eine Produktion der Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln
Archiv Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln
Copyright: KHM / Autoren
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