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Blood in Blossom

  • Merel Mirage
Untertitel: A Perceptual Journey
Entstehungsjahr: 1995
Länge: 00:07:00
Kategorien: Film / TV / Video
""Blood In Blossom - A Perceptual Journey"" takes us through different microscopic and macroscopic layers of reality, each with their own frame of reference. ... zooming in from the gaze of a child holding blossoms... to the surface of her skin... into the world underneath the surface where blood is flowing through the veins ... The microscopic eye, the electronic sensor, the human eye touch life and discover meditative and poetic images. They evoke our intimate observations of a reality we often forget. Memories and fleeting impressions trigger our private interpretations. The sensitive touch of surface, the careful focusing of images take us further into our outer realities and into our inner worlds.
  • Merel Mirage
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