M.A. Andreas Altenhoff

Künstlerisch-wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter Erzählen und Schreiben
+49 221 20189 - 126
Studied architecture, theatre and media studies, philosophy, comparative literature at Braunschweig, Marburg, Siegen and Siena. Practical work experience at Second German Television (ZDF) in Mainz and Radio Bremen. Has worked in academic, journalistic and educational fields. Academic coordinator of the DFG programme „Screen Media“ at the University Siegen from 1989-91.
Since 1991 Andreas Altenhoff has been consultant for academic and international affairs at the Academy of Media Arts. Permanent member of various bodies of the Academy. Spokesperson of the artistic/scientific staff ("Personalvertreter").
In the early Nineties he designed and established the curriculum for the audiovisual media courses. Since 1995, in addition to the above-mentioned functions, seminars in Writing and Literature in the Context of the Media. Until today, about thirty semesters of teaching in this field (cf. overview)
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