vita / about susanna schoenberg

born in Faenza; grew up in Bolzano/Bozen; lived in Milan and Berlin; since 1999 in Cologne

studies in social sciences (Universitá degli Studi di Milano) and cinematrographic techniques (Civica Scuola del Cinema di Milano);
phd in sociology (Universitá degli Studi di Milano);
post-graduate studies in media arts at the Academy for Media Arts Cologne (KHM)

artistic production since 1990 mainly in the fields video, photography installation, performance;

since 2002 producing also as arte-e-parte;

founded 2004 re-active platform;

founder member of the german media art magazine offtopic,;
founder member of Paidia Institute,;

teaching and researching in social and communication sciences, methodology, data analysis, visual sociology and documentary techniques; film and videomaker;

since 2014 lecturer for Mediated reality and performance at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. 2012-2013 lecturer for Media Arts at the Institut fuer Angewandte Theaterwissenschaften of the Justus-Liebig-Universitaet Giessen; 2004-2011 assistant professor at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM) in charge of the atelier for multimedia & performance; lectures and workshops held for: Migrating Art Academies, Chinese Academy of Fine Arts Beijing, China Academy of Art HangZhou, European School of Visual Arts Poitiers, Digital Art Centre Taipei, National Taipei University of the Arts, HFBK Hamburg, University of Hull, Paco das artes, Sao Paulo.

seminar activities at KHM documentated under and;

techniques&artefacts --
computer supported installation; experimental video; documentary; photography; performance;

topics&strategies --
dramaturgic staging for non linear narrative;
time/space structures in expanded photography applying panorama and 3d-techniques;
the transfer (of meaning) by signs (using icons, gestures, telecommunication, code..);
database-structures; data analysis; reactive systems;
cartography; the linguistic image; the stichted word; gender; the productive gesture; the format and its translation; the techno-image.

exhibitions, screenings & festivals (selection) --

Negative Horizon - screenings, Polymer Art Space (Taipei 2017)
Monitoring Exercises, Kleiner Kunstraum (Euskirchen 2017)
Muster_Selbst, C.A.R. Zeche Zollverein, Kokerei (Essen 2017)
Halle im Hof, Maastrichter Straße 45 (Cologne 2017)
EVA, Experimental Video Art Exhibition, BACC (Bankog 2017)
CHORA, Galerie Françoise Heitsch (Munich 2017)
Women Make Waves International Film Festival (Taipei 2016)
Monitoring pre-human, 2B Galéria @ Millenáris (Budapest 2016)
re-active platform, C.A.R. Zeche Zollverein, SANAA building (Essen 2016)
IFFF International Women Film Festival, Filmforum NRW (Cologne 2016)
TRANS_AKTION, C.A.R. Zeche Zollverein, SANAA building (Essen 2015)
Benutzte Gegenwart, Galerie Kurt im Hirsch (Berlin 2014)
Osservazioni possibili, Ciocca Arte Contemporanea (Milan 2014)
MADATAC 05 International Festival Of Contemporary Audio-Visual & New Media Art (Madrid 2013)
FeTisch, Moltkerei Werkstatt (Cologne 2013)
Open Studio, VIR viafarini-in-residence (Milan 2013)
non-discrete, C.A.R. Zeche Zollverein, SANAA building (Essen 2013)
Melancoly in Progress, Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition, Hong-Gah Museum Taipei; curated by Amy Cheng and Jan-Ian Guo (Taipei 2012)
Network – C.A.R. the innovative art fair, Zaha Museum (Seoul 2012)
re-active platform, C.A.R. Media Art, Kokerei (Essen 2012)
SIGINT 2012, Chaos Computer Club Conference, Mediapark (Cologne 2012)
returnable 20II, Noarte, San Sperate (Italy 2011)
re-active platform, Museum Of Contemporary Art, curated by Andreas Walther and Jade Wang (Taipei 2011)
Translife, NAMOC Beijing, curated by Zhang Ga (Beijing 2011)
Padiglione Italia nel Mondo, Istituto Italiano di Cultura Colonia and Arsenale Biennale di Venezia (Cologne and Venice 2011)
re-active platform, C.A.R. Fine Arts, Zeche Zollverein (Essen 2010),
backlash, Raummusik concerts and performances, alte Feuerwache (Cologne 2010)
re-active platform, glasmoog (Cologne 2010)
returnable, workshop @ Paese Museo (San Sperate January 2010)
Futurismus und so, Raummusik concerts and performances, Kunstwerk (Cologne 2009)
returnable, workshop @ CAFA Beijing (Beijing February-March 2009)
Staged Materials, Huan Tie Art District, (Beijing 2008)
deTOUR, Galerie KUB (Leipzig 2008)
Rencontres Internationales, (Berlin, Madrid 2007; Paris 2006)
Japan Media Arts Festival & Festival Exhibition (Tokyo 2006)
Vidéothèque Éphémère du Festival VIDEOFORMES (Clermont-Ferrand F 2006)
«restricted view», reinraum e.V. (Duesseldorf D 2006)
expanded arts no.2, curated by VALIE EXPORT and Susanna Schoenberg (Kunstverein Kreis Guetersloh D 2005), nepdoc (Reutlingen D 2005)
tECNICHE mISTE, Istituto Italiano di Cultura (Cologne 2004)
Festival International de Films de Femmes (Creteil F 2004)
expanded arts, curated by VALIE EXPORT (Cologne 2004), rheinschau (Cologne 2004)
tekfestival (Roma 2004)
goandstop, European Media Art Festival (Osnabrueck D 2003)
Torino Film Festival (I, 2003 and 1996)
portraits (in time)
, Taiwan International Visual Center (Taipei 2003)
zebra poetryfilm award (Berlin 2002); campus, ars electronica (Linz A 2002)
Arcipelago (Roma 2001, 1999, 1997 and 1993)
videopoems, Museo de Arte Moderna de Buenos Aires (Argentina 2000)
bff Bellaria Film Festival (Bellaria I 2001), Filmmaker (Milano 2000 and 1998)
italian experimental, Filmmuseum Amsterdam (NL 1999)
Internationaler Videokunstpreis des ZKM (Karlsruhe D 1998)
Festival Internazionale Cinema di Locarno (Locarno CH 1998), inVideo (Milano 1998 and 1996), Immaginale: Videoart and Photography from Italy (Berlin, Roma 1998)
Merano TV Festival (Meran I 1998 and 1997)
Festival del documentario italiano/Premio Libero Bizzarri (San Benedetto I 1998)
CortoImolaFestival (Imola I 1998 and 1997)
Sequenze Labili, sala1 (Roma 1997), Sentire la musica con gli occhi, Teatro Ponchielli (Cremona 1996)
Florence Underground (Firenze I 1996), Almost normal, the Knitting Factory (NYC 1995)
Lo schermo dei suoni, Museo Pecci (Prato 1995)
Alpe Adria Cinema (Trieste 1994)
Festival Anteprima del cinema indipendente italiano (Bellaria I 1993).

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michael zepter
georg rosenthal, michael zepter und ansgar jerrentrup (courtesy m. zepter).
ruben malchow
four ages of men, 2005
(courtesy ruben malchow).
UNTITLED by friedrich blume
untitled, 2011
(courtesy Friedrich Blume).
ji hyun park
eisen, 2010 (courtesy Ji Hyun Park ).
homometer, 1973
(courtesy VALIE EXPORT).
julia scher
wonderland, Andrea Rosen gallery, 1998
(courtesy julia scher).

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