/ panopticum / projection & camera system + imagebanking

panopticum is a computer supported system. A body sized projection shows patterns of gestures the visitors are supposed to re-enact. Furthermore the system is about recording photographic strips which are going to be managed into a database.

Segment 1:
A beamer is projecting a slide show of randomly choosen bodies from the database. The original storage of the database was made of 20 portrait-like images taken from painting or photography. Examples of this so called generation 0 are a Venus by Cranach, Adam e Eva by Duchamp, an Albion by Blake, Rubens' wife with coat.

Segment 2:
Monitored by a motion detector the visitors will bring the slide-show to stop and start a countdown. The partecipant is now supposed to take over the gesture on the screen. The system activates the 4 cameras at the edges of the installation area. After recording the slide-show will re-start.

Segment 3:
The 4 new pictures are now items of the database, ordered by camera position, model of re-enacting, generation and the average value of the red chanel of the picture. The new pictures are shown on a display togehther with other series choosen after programmed criteria: one series with the same "original"; one series with a similar gesture; one series of different views with similar red-chanell values.

Segment 1a:
After recording there is an item more under the "originals": the newst copy of a gesture became the newst original.

2005 expanded arts no.2, Kunstverein Kreis Gütersloh
2004 tECNICHE mISTE, Istituto italiano di cultura, Cologne
2004 expanded arts, ART Cologne
2004 altitude 04, Trinitatis Kirche, Cologne
2003 galerie projektraum, Cologne

two areas of the installation: the imagebanking one and the re-enact one with video-camera system and projection screen the installation room and the projection screen showing gesture portraits

panopticum / 2003 december / galerie projektraum / Cologne / photographs: tamara lorenz.
© susanna schoenberg & KHM 2003 / a cooperation with luis negrón van grieken.

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michael zepter
georg rosenthal, michael zepter und ansgar jerrentrup (courtesy m. zepter).
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homometer, 1973
(courtesy VALIE EXPORT).
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wonderland, Andrea Rosen gallery, 1998
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