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deep interview (conversation setup) is part of Architectures of Noise – Oscillations between knowledge and realities – Phase one: Codex of ambiguity , an exhibition curated by Evelina Rajca for W139 Amsterdam.
abysse abysse abysse

ABYSSE is part of Calling the anthropomorphic cabinet, a project that responds to Salvador Dalí's painting Le cabinet anthropomorphique, 1936 as part of ༎ຶД༎ຶ's work in the exhibition Coming to Voice at K21, Düsseldorf from feb 12th till mar 23rd 2021. Previews: Calling the anthropomorphic cabinet (Documentation Videogame) and Calling the anthropomorphic cabinet (Book)
kunstwerte kunstwerte kunstwerte

23/12/2020 arte e parte, agency for the collaboration among artists and the contextualization of contemporary art practices, presents KUNSTWERTE – an artistic intervention, designed in interaction with Stadtrevue Cologne, developed May/November 2020 - published December 2020/January 2021. KUNSTWERTE is documented on
staywithme staywithme staywithme staywithme

18/12/2020 #staywithme in collaboration with Progetto RIVA and Murate art district presents ART IN turbulent times on #staywithme (in public space) on google maps is part of the platform, and is documented on

09/07 – 22/08/2020 ZAUN+SCHIFF as part of the group exhibition Woher Weht Der Wind Und Wohin? at gallery damdam, Leipziger Strasse 3, Berlin. The installation "ZAUN+SCHIFF" attests and materializes the acquisition and the ship journey of a fence panel from China to Germany. The soundtrack of the 3-channel-video is composed by Ji Hyun Park.

25/06/2020 deep interviw (on monitoring) as part of ribs #7 of radio inbetween spaces: "Susanna Schoenberg, an Italian multimedia and performance artist based in Cologne has produced in recent years various projects which investigate the phenomenology of boundaries and apparatus-based observations, especially the monitoring of sea borders in the Mediterranean Sea. She presents her work deep interview (on monitoring), a performance in the form of a double monologue of questions that relates to border surveillance, monitoring practices and asylum policies." Listen to ribs #7 as podcast.
tele-interiors tele-interiors

31/10 – 28/11/2019 Tele-Interiors at Matjö, Mathiasstrasse 15, Cologne. Crossing the boundaries of privacy creates (localized) publicity: Matjö's window shows a video stream of interiors of its neighborhood.
Images of spaces are made accessible, situational views displayed - without special dramaturgical expectation, without focus, except for a (negotiable) censorship of sensitive recognizabilities.

Artist Talk with Dr. Stefanie Stallschus on Wed 13. November, 7 pm. Finissage on Thu 28 November, 7 pm.
monitoring outlines

19/7 – 31/8/2019 project ON group exhibition at the Korean Cultural Center Berlin curated by Jeong Ka Hee as remembrance of the Korean partition. Stuedies of the Korean Fold by Susanna Schoenberg includes an audio setup and a video essay consisting of four chapters. The studies propose to view the Korean border as a visual and acoustic landscape that can be folded and unfolded, variably scaled, transferred and projected. Studies of the Korean Fold 는 오디오 셋업과 네 장으로 구성된 작품으로 비디오 에세이가 포함되어 있다. 작가의 연구는 한국의 국경이 접혔다 펼칠 수 있고, 움직일 수도 투영될 수도 있을 뿐만 아니라 언제든지 작아질 수도 커질 수도 있는 시각적·음향적 경관으로 바라보는 것을 제안한다.

gallery damdam, Leipziger Platz 3
Mo-Fr 10 am - 8 pm Sa 10 am - 3 pm

8 – 10/3/2019 presentation at Umformerhalle @ Welterbe Zollverein Essen on behalf of contemporary art ruhr (C.A.R.). Umformer (converter, transducer) is a site-specific video setupn made of three displays; the corresponding video loops are dedicated to main dimensions of moving images: action (producing time), texture (revealing deepness) and composition (organising 2D space).
monitoring outlines < monitoring outlines

25/11/2018 – 6/1/2019 presentation at Kunst-Station Sankt Peter Cologne curated by Anne Mager. Monitoring Outlines is an installation part of Susanna Schoenberg’s encompassing investigation of the phenomenology of borders and instrumental observations. Each of the mirror objects relates to a specific part of the European maritime border of the shores off Spain, Italy and Greece. Data of unauthorised border crossings is timely condensed and translated into vibration impulses, which compliment the vague contours and abstract border lines of the mirrors with sound and make them vibrate.
The video work Monitoring Seaborders, which is shown in the tower room of St Peter, provides insight into the activities and communication in the control room of the Spanish coastguard.
Both works confront the observation of territorial borders, especially in the southern areas of the European Union, as well as the question of the borders of visibility. Susanna Schoenberg shows our demand for visualisation and materialisation of borders, which, as artificially constructed and often invisible demarcation lines, are often of serious consequence. Kindly supported by Kölner Rubensgesellschaft.
decolonize decolonize

Deep Interview (performing questioning on shaping and monitoring of borders) is part of decolonize! publication edited by renata summo-o'connell for artegiro publishing. The book collects contributions on "art, curatorial and critical practices in contemporary times". As the editor declares "from fanon's sociogenesis to walter mignolo's decolonial aesthetics manifesto, many of us, artists, curators and art critics, working closely in contact with >the colonial wound<, are acutely aware of racialization as classification and ranking, of its man-made origin, as mignolo would say. [..] the collective reflection performed in decolonize!, a collection of artworks and texts, is about a shared effort to practice various brands of decoloniality, to open up, through knowing and understanding, decolonial artistic creativity and decolonial critique, promoting an exchange of such process first of all, together with its occasional findings."
The ebook is available online: ISBN 9788828318866. More details here.
leibtische blins spots

Leibtische and Blind Spots are documented in HalfLife - Machines/Organisms - Artistic positions in times of climate change and extinction, edited by Käthe Wenzel and Manfred Blohm, published by fabrico Verlag Hannover.


arte-e-parte presents at Cinema Beltrade Milano (via Oxilia 10).
The video art screenings program is going to start on Thursday October 26, 2017 with an excerpt of 2 minutes taken from "Poem", a video work by Céline Berger produced in 2012.
The screenings series will run for five months, and enjoys the patronage of Goethe-Institut Mailand.
Artists participating in arte e parte presents are Céline Berger, Matthias Neuenhofer, Susanna Schoenberg, Johanna Steindorf, Hans Diernberger.

Dummy Variables will be performed during Diskurs 17, festival for young performing arts Gießen
Underlining the aesthetical aspects of cognition as something you can stage and perform, this performance plot refers to the metaphors of computation, counting and measurement. Gestures are presented as cognitive units and performative plots as experimental measurement units of spaces or situations.
The performance is based on audience‘s participation and runs for approx. 20 min. The plot is about performing identities by computing. The plot structure is given by sequential exercises.
The exercises are based both on abstraction and coordination (between pieces of the body & language driven activities). More about the plot here.

On Thursday October 12, 9 and 10 pm
On Saturday October 14, 1 and 2 pm
Probebühne 2 / Bühnchen, Schiffenberger Weg 115, 35394 Gießen

Deep Interview Deep Interview

Deep Interview (on monitoring), a collaboration of Susanna Schoenberg and Christiane König, will be performed as part of FAKE NEWS, public program at the University of Cologne, Institut für Medienkultur & Theater. More about the plot here.

On Tuesday June 27, 10 - 11:30 am
University central building / Room 1416a

Muster_Selbst a collaboration of Matthias Neuenhofer and Susanna Schoenberg produced for the bunker spaces of Kokerei (former coke oven plant) of Zeche Zollverein Essen. Opening of C.A.R. Contemporary Art Ruhr on Friday May 12th, 8 p.m.
Exhibition: 12th - 14th May 2017
Opening hours: Sat - Sun 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.

HALLE IM HOF groupshow including works by Dawn Chun, Béla Pablo Jannsen, Sophie Kummert, Alexander Meier, Susanna Schoenberg, Severin Spengler and Georg Veith. @ Maastrichterstr. 45, Cologne. Opening: Friday 24th March 2017, 6 p.m.
Exhibition: 25th - 26th March 2017
Opening hours: Sat - Sun 12 p.m. - 8 p.m.

CHORA exhibition & bar curated by Benjamin Tillig including works by Dieter Blum, Jürgen Klauke, Alfons Knogl, Alfred Kurz, Julian Neville, Susanna Schoenberg, Anna Virnich und Johannes Wohnseifer. @ GALERIE FRANÇOISE HEITSCH, Amalienstr. 19, München.
Opening: Thursday 19th January 2017, 7 p.m.
Exhibition: 19th - 26th January 2017

Opening hours
exhibition: Tue - Fri 12 p.m. - 7 p.m., Sat 12 p.m. - 4 p.m.
bar: Tue - Sat from 6 p.m.

The Greek term Chora χώρα describes the main settlement of an island. Its counter-piece is the Skala Σκάλα, the bay belonging to the settlement, the port; an opening which stands in stark contrast to the Chora χώρα – an enclosed place – that is to be protected from external influences.

Despite the varying different approaches, the exhibition assembles works, which attempt to trace the balance between openings and boundaries, stability and freedom in movement. At the same time, it is compiled in the manner of a personal collage, which follows one thought, by picking up scents subjectively rather than through objective observation.

The presentation of the works is complemented by the Aquavit-Bar, designed by the artists and located in the basement area of the gallery. The bar is an installation consonant with the exhibition‘s theme. As the main drink of the bar, Aquavit traditionally reached its maturity in a wooden barrel during sea voyages from Norway to Australia and back and thus carries within the very theme of the entire exhibition.

The SOCIAL is the title of the 4th International Association for Visual Culture Biennial Conference (IAVC2016@Boston) held at Boston University September 29, 30 and October 1, 2016. The conference IAVC2016@Boston will present papers and artworks on post-democracy, post-society, anger, violence, future visions, crisis, zombie democracies, social media, neo-slavery, post-capitalism, post-data, social evolution, revolution, actionism, post-state, interventionism, cannibalizing corporativism, post-colonialism, economic vampirism, neo-serfs, globalized thievery, art activism, red art, insurrectional art and social exploitation. arte-e-parte is taking part with a contribution by Christiane König and Susanna Schoenberg: Deep interview (on monitoring) will be performed on September 29, 11:30 am at BU College of General Studies – CGS 129, Commonwealth Avenue, Boston.

re-active platform presents its newest installation at CAR Contemporary Art Ruhr. Opening on June 3rd 2016 @SANAA building, Welterbe Zollverein Essen. A reactive installation project by Luis Negron van Grieken, Ji Hyun Park, Susanna Schoenberg.

Monitoring Seaborders - Control Room screening on April 24th 3 pm @Filmforum NRW, Museum Ludwig Cologne for IFFF Internationales Frauenfilmfestival Dortmund I Köln. The Mediterranean border is definitively a constructed entity, (non-visible and non-tangible̶) object of an intense, costly and some how intricate apparative monitoring. The video Monitoring Seaborders - Control Room presents some evidence of this intense desire of visualisation and materialisation. More about the monitoring series here.

(Inter)pole performance on April 2nd 9 pm @Opekta Xantener Strasse 99H Cologne for I'm not performing curated by Peter Beyer and Kathe Hanish.
(Inter)pole, action 2016: another exercise playing (with) the self.
Verballung V

Verballung V matinee performance by Frequenzwechsel on February 28th 2016 11:55 am @Museum Kunstpalast Düsseldorf for Die GROSSE 2016: with Matthias Neuenhofer, Tobias Beck, Tobias Grewenig, Volker Hennes, Ji Hyun Park, Susanna Schoenberg, Dirk Specht.
Photographer: Luis Neuenhofer.

open studio tables opening on June 10th 6 pm with ANA GI, Matthias Neuenhofer, Ji Hyun Park, Susanna Schoenberg, Gabriele Seifert. June 11th - 13th 2015 5 - 7 pm @arte-e-parte studio Escher Strasse 79 Cologne

TRANS_AKTION exhibition at C.A.R. Contemporary Art Ruhr on Gestures and Trials of Transfers: with arte-e-parte, George Demir, Samuel Dobernecker, Ann-Leonie Niss, Sabrina Straub; with the participation of Miriam Berger, Janina Lemparty, Raffael Seyfried, Ivo Schneider, Mila Stoytcheva; curated by Susanna Schoenberg.
Opening on May 29th at SANAA building Zeche Zollverein Essen
MONITORING outline border

BENUTZE GEGENWART exhibition by Claudia Schmitz and Susanna Schoenberg, opening on September 6th at Galerie Kurt im Hirsch Berlin, Kastanienallee 12, backyard, Berlin
The exhibition is funded by Bezirksamt Pankow. (Monitoring - Outline Border 1017, recorded on August 13, 2014)
States Of Documents

States Of Documents participates in the 5th Yeosu International Art Festival A new necessity - Community & Territory, opening on Tuesday, September 4th in GS Caltex Yeulmaru, City of Yeosu, South Korea

»Monitoring, pre-human« (under more possible observations) »Monitoring pre-human« is a public action conceived for the Central Station in Milan belonging to an interventions series dedicated to the idea of border and its visibilitỳ. »Monitoring pre-human« takes place on March 29 2014 from 11 am at the main entrance of the station. The performance is̀ part of the show Osservazioni Possibili, installed until April 10 at the gallery space Ciocca Arte Contemporanea. More about the monitoring series here.

Osservazioni possibili Susanna Schoenberg showing FeTisch (under more possible notices) at Ciocca Arte Contemporanea. Running February 13th - April 11th, 2014, Via Lecco 15, Milano.
FeTisch (from the German Tisch for table, but even from the Latin facticius, for limited and artificial) aims to evoke some mental interiors by realizing abstract spaces as private.
Most of the interpretive references of FeTisch belongs to the performance series Nightsea Crossing by Abramovic/Ulay – a project where the object-table represents a kind of experimental set-up showing the mental co-presence of two absolutely inactive bodies. FeTisch is much more focused on keeping the traces of the physical aspect of action and on its documentation as a sculptural element, so to be semantically transformed into a table-as-object-as-sculpture. The work addresses to a common social space with narrative attitudes, which becomes immediately abstract, as far as the material traces of the individual actions (and thoughts) are already removed from the private memory. And the work refers also to “gesture” – as interruption or linguistic disturb – which becomes a subject by action – the action of whom alternatively has produced, observed or experienced the same artifact.
FeTisch is part of the show Osservazioni possibili which will be opened at the gallery on February 13th 2014, and will be followed an artistic intervention in a public space planned for March 29th.
The fascination for representational structures of the real is central in the formal research of the artist Susanna Schoenberg. The attraction for both interiors' issues and exteriors' situations, the variable border between public and private, between intimate/perceptional and social/narrative – all these subjects are the fundamental themes of Schoenberg’s research. The ambition and the need of manifesting ongoing mental processes, faces to the gaze (with no direction nor language) of whom is contemplating and trying to represent a new image of the real.

Dislocations 2014: the laboratory of Migrating Art Academies took place 13-22 March 2014, San Sperate, Sardinia, Italy.
There is a variable and variable oriented distance between the perceiving subject and its environment; to extend, reflect and differentiate possibilities of action in relation to perception and cognition of pieces of the real, will be the aim of this territory-based laboratory. The search of emerging shapes of unknown structures and phenomena, the design of synesthetic effects, the work on multi-dimensional translations was part of the assignment of the interventional program.

Noarte Paese Museo hosted the Migrating Art Academies laboratory Dislocations addressed to young emerging artists in order to experience San Sperate together with Susanna Schoenberg and Thomas Hawranke, from Paidia Institute. As an association of artists and researchers focussed on the interactions between virtual and material spaces and the possibility of action and creativity “in between” of them, Paidia Institute proposed this laboratory with a strong vocation for field work.
Dislocations is organized by Noarte Paese Museo in collaboration with Paidia Institute (Cologne, Germany). The laboratory is supported by European Commission Cultural Program and Nordic Foundation. Migrating Art Academies is a network for innovation and exchange in arts teaching and research.

open studio tables arte-e-parte presents Malgorzata Calusinska, Ji Hyun Park, Julia Scher, Thorsten Schneider, Susanna Schoenberg on January 15th - 17th 2014, 4 - 6 pm; opening January 14th 2014, 6 - 9 pm; Escher Straße corner Geldernstraße, 50739 Cologne

MADATAC 05 INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF CONTEMPORARY AUDIO-VISUAL & NEW MEDIA ART will take place between 16th -22th of December 2013 in Madrid at the art spaces 5Cs CENTROCENTRO PALACIO DE CIBELES, SALA ALCALÁ 31, FIART. MADATAC is an independent and non-profit springboard, with an cultural diversity approach for cutting edge experimental and new media audio-visual culture, that particularly values innovation, originality and risk-taking art projects.
video left video right

re-directed a video-installation for MIMA - MORE INTERNATIONAL MEDIA ART, December 12-15 2013 at Galery KUB, Leipzig.

MONITORING I/8 staged for RARE BIRDS out of the series "Raummusik und so", Sunday October 6th from 4 pm at KUNSTWERK exhibition space, Cologne. Live-Performances, Live-Elektronik and Tapemusic with the participation of: Frank Barknecht, Klarenz Barlow, Peter Behrendsen, Tobias Hartmann, Bernd Härpfer, Andreas Hirsch, Ole Hübner, hans w. koch, Jan F. Kurth, Seth Nehil, Ji Hyun Park, Claudia Robles, Willi Sauter, Susanna Schoenberg, Frank Christian Stoffel, Therapeutische Hörgruppe Köln, Sebastian Thewes, Andreas Wagner, Ephraim Wegner, Bettina Wenzel.

FeTisch, project developed for Moltkerei Werkstatt, September 5-12 2013, opening September 5 from 6:30 pm, Moltkestrasse 8 (courtyard), Cologne. The project and exhibition have been made possible thanks to Förderprogramm of SK Stiftung Kultur.;

VIR Viafarini-in-residence: Open Studio, with Julia Brown, Helen Dowling, Jean-Baptiste Maitre, Fabio Marullo, Ornaghi & Prestinari, Chiara Pergola, Susanna Schoenberg, Marco Strappato, Alberto Venturini, June 26-30 2013, opening June 26 from 6:30 pm, via Farini 35, Milano. The production of redirection of action by Susanna Schoenberg has been made possible thanks to the support of the Goethe-Institut Mailand.

fleeting gestures, performances on space, body and sound, Atelierhaus Quartier am Hafen Cologne, with Evelina Rajca, Johanna Steindorf, Malgorzata Calusinska, Patricia Breves, Susanna Schoenberg, June 15 2013, starting 6 pm

NON-DISCRETE, exhibition curated by susanna schoenberg, C.A.R. Contemporary Art Ruhr Media Art and Photography, with works by arte-e-parte, Steffi Lindner, Ji Hyun Park, Claudia Schmitz, Welterbe Zeche Zollverein, SANAA building, Essen, May 31st - June 2nd 2013

re-active platform presents the video works gestures with sensors and 091212-Tape at the LA Art Show 2013, January 23-27, C.A.R. Project Space, stand no. 1321, Modern and Contemporary Section, Los Angeles Convention Center South Hall J and K, 1201 South Figueroa Street Los Angeles, CA 90015

Raummusik und so Trash/dilemmata concerts on December 9th 2012, 4 pm - at Kunstwerk, Cologne, Leibtische Versuch Nr. I einer relationalen Raumpartitur für 2 Performerinnen mit Tisch und Ultraschall-Sensoren. von Susanna Schoenberg 2012 Länge: 6 Minuten ca. Zweite Perfomerin: Malgorzata Calusinska | Photographer: Luis Negron van Grieken

Dislocations 2012 Laboratory on revealing, scanning, expanted audio-visible making of environments, objects and territories conceived and curated by Paidia Institute Cologne (Jonas Hansen, Lasse Scherffig, Susanna Schoenberg) with the participation of students from KHM Academy of Media Arts Cologne, EESI Poitiers and Angouleme, Sint-Lucas Ghent.
November 4 – 11, 2012 hosted and produced by Noarte, San Sperate, Sardinia

states of documents states of documents

“Melancholy in Progress” The 3rd Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition, Curated by Amy Cheng and Jau-lan Guo, October 6 - December 30, 2012, states of documents at Hong-Gah Museum Fl. 11, No. 166, Da-Yeh Road, Taipei, Taiwan

“Young Artists Contest” workshop on City of the Future, City of Hearing, 02.09 – 10.09 / 2012 San Sperate, Sardinia;

“EXTRA experimental trails” Video Art and Experimental Film Festival, 30.08 – 02.09 / 2012 Leipzig; opening august 30, 6 pm; artist talk with susanna schoenberg 7 pm, galerie KUB, kantstraße 18, Leipzig
distance20I2 distance20I2

“Diskrete Algorithmen.” Die Geste des sichtbar Machens. Mögliche Objekte (zum Sehen) anhand von Motivationen (des Erkennens) und (aktuelle) Techniken der Emergenz An article on the gesture of visible-making for Nebulosa – Zeitschrift für Sichtbarkeit und Sozialität, Heft 01/2012 Wahrnehmung und Erscheinen, edited by Eva Holling, Matthias Naumann, Frank Schlöffel. Berlin: Neofelis Verlag.

K the bad planet

“What Can a Body Do?” Praktiken und Figurationen des Körpers in den Kulturwissenschaften, Campus Verlag In den letzten Jahren wurde der Körper zum zentralen Thema in den Kulturwissenschaften. Ausgehend von der Wendung "What can a body do?" werden in diesem Band sowohl Praktiken (also Handlungs- und Herstellungsweisen) als auch Figurationen (also materialisierte Formen) des Körpers in den Blick genommen. Herausgegeben von Netzwerk "Körper in den Kulturwissenschaften".
sensor20II sensor20II

“blind spots: Some strategies of how to deal with the open” / 2012-03-12 / EESI, Poitiers / The lecture refers to the function of order and disorder in art, to the material and immaterial aspects of cognition and shaping, and to the (aesthetic) experience with the open. Martin Heidegger should have stated: Even the lark (l'alouette) is not able to see the open". It collects fragments of reflections on the methodology of a possible aesthetic research, quoting from some European philosophy, applied scientific methodology, and artistic practice. What the frog's eye tells its brain, when it detects a bug, and why is it necessary that we do not see our blind spots, and how computed detection and some self-blinding practice are used in art–these are some of the questions the lecture will apply to channel the narrative.

re-active follow-up / 2011-12-16 / opekta, Cologne / online under: presentation of the documentation and catalogue 2011; with Andreas Walther, Kathrin Friedrich and a performance by Ji Hyun Park
returnable20II returnable20II
returnable / 2011-11-27 to 29/ paesemuseo, San Sperate, Italy / online under: / an interventional format curated by Susanna Schoenberg, with Malgorzata Calusinska, Martin Rumori, Dirk Specht, Franziska Windisch; a production for Noarte 2011, with officinevida and Paidia Institute
sensors gesture
re-active platform / 2011-10-08 / MOCA Museum of contemporary art Taipei / MOCA online under: / videostill, sensors gesture, 2011
blind spots bs
Blind Spots / 2011-07-26 / Weather Tunnel / TransLife Triennial of Media Art Beijing / TransLife online under:
EXTERIOR video in public space EXTERIOR photography in public space
EXTERIOR Ebertplatz / 2011-06-03 / Padiglione Italia nel Mondo / Arsenale, Biennale di Venezia / photographs: jahn hoehe. Interno Veneziano online under:
susanna schoenberg performing her piece dummy variables in Beijing (China)
dummy variables / 2008-08-03 / staged materials / Huan Tie First Line Art District, Beijing (China) / photographs: ruben malchow.
//////////////////// relatives ///
michael zepter
georg rosenthal, michael zepter und ansgar jerrentrup (courtesy m. zepter).
ruben malchow
four ages of men, 2005
(courtesy ruben malchow).
UNTITLED by friedrich blume
untitled, 2011
(courtesy Friedrich Blume).
ji hyun park
eisen, 2010 (courtesy Ji Hyun Park ).
homometer, 1973
(courtesy VALIE EXPORT).
julia scher
wonderland, Andrea Rosen gallery, 1998
(courtesy julia scher).