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interno veneziano
installation and online streaming, 2011

interno veneziano network camera
Padiglione Italia nel Mondo, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Cologne, May 31 to October 8, 2011. online under: www.livestream.com/arte_e_parte © susanna schoenberg 2011.

RGB torsos
3-video-channels for mobile displays, 2006

the Red torso embroidering the Green torso standing up the Blue torso typing on laptop
stills from the videos. © susanna schoenberg 2006.

panorama, 2006

3 channels-video installation in a male public toilet in Düsseldorf
reinraum Düsseldorf # 1, november 06. © susanna schoenberg 2006 supported by urs fries.

mon intérieur
panorama, 2006

a wide angle view of the artist Susanna Schoenberg working in her office room
office # 1, september 06. © susanna schoenberg 2006 supported by urs fries.

interior leipzig
installation, 2008

the installation room with a visitor
a zoom view of the installation: two wall photos another view of the installation showing a wall photo near the doorway
a view showing two wall photos and three video monitors
a shortcut showing a video monitor a shortcut showing another video monitor
Gallerie Kub Leipzig, installation views, april 08. © susanna schoenberg since 2006.
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michael zepter
georg rosenthal, michael zepter und ansgar jerrentrup (courtesy m. zepter).
ruben malchow
four ages of men, 2005
(courtesy ruben malchow).
UNTITLED by friedrich blume
untitled, 2011
(courtesy Friedrich Blume).
homometer, 1973
(courtesy VALIE EXPORT).
julia scher
wonderland, Andrea Rosen gallery, 1998
(courtesy julia scher).

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