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esercizi di retorica cinese, 1991
3 min
video; color


5 min
dedicated to Silvia Baraldini
featuring Mariana Ramos
16 mm on video; color and b/w
first screening at Anteprima per il cinema indipendente italiano, Bellaria, 1993


Persistenza Retinica, 1993
7 min
featuring Nicola Cavaglieri, Marco Maccaferri, Michele Romano, Claudio Bozzatello, Simona Sala
16 mm; color and b/w

English Lessons

English Lessons, 1993
7 min
featuring Nicola Cavaglieri, Marie Alberione, Drago Bellinetto, Claudio Bozzatello, Paola Catinella, Vittorio Colarecchio, Benedetta De Leonardis, Adriana Di Lello, Margherita Dirauso, Davide Molteni, Enzo Ricceri, Cecilia Scanzaroli, James Schindler, Valerio Sordelli, Davide Svaluto, Furio Trezzi, Enzo Umbaca
video; color, b/w
music by Tim Berne

Eye Noises

eye noises, 1994
about Tim Berne's bloodcount
54 min
video; color and b/w
music by Tim Berne's bloodcount
first screening at Suoni & Visioni, Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci Prato 1994

La Fleur

La fleur du mal, 1995
7 min
featuring Andrea Danese
super8 on video; color and b/w
music by Marc Ducret


double B, 1995
about Gary Thomas' Murder of 1st worst degree
15 min
video and super8 on video
music by Gary Thomas


Ballade zweier Bräute
7 min
super8 on video
first screening at Torino Film Festival 1996


selfportraits, 1997
7 min
super8 on video
first screening at Corto Imola Festival 1997

Testamenti di fine millennio, 1997
co-directed by Paola Nasini
12 min


a*b*c - the alphabetic tribe, 1997
20 min
featuring Nicola Cavaglieri, Cinzia Cioffi, Marjo Ferwerda, Martha Fütterer, Nancy Guggenheim, Berit Olschewski, Marcello Maneri, Monica Naldi, Andreas Pichler, Luisa Quintavalla, Teresa Trezzi
mixed footage on video
first screening at Festival del Cinema di Locarno 1997


BOLZANO: BOZEN – Storie di una città-heimat, 1997
directed by Andreas Pichler, Susanna Schoenberg
camera: Agostino Fuscaldo, sound: Monica Carli, editing: Susanna Schoenberg, Andreas Pichler, Monica Carli
producer: ©1997 ZeLIG
Bolzano: a bilingual city, a city divided in two. But it is united by a common history. The film seeks out points of convergence, and finds them in the personal histories of some of Bolzano's inhabitants. People tell where they come from, what they're doing here, of their struggle to make a life for themselves - revealing a human aspect that historical studies so often neglect.
©1997 Original language: Italian/German, with Italian or German subtitles, Betacam SP, Farbe / colore / color, 58 min
first prize at Festival Telequalitá Premio per la produzione televisiva Genova, 1998
Dunkle Tage

Die dunklen Tage der Margarethe von Trotta, 1998
15 min
featuring Margarethe von Trotta
produced by EIKK Karlsruhe
essay; video


co-directed by Marco Carraro, Andreas Pichler
50 min
documentary; video and 16 mm on video


K the bad planet, 2000
20 min
mixed footage on video
featuring Emilia Bianchini, Naomi Campbell, Nicola Cavaglieri, Cinzia Cioffi, Marta Fütterer, Götz George, Bruce Lee, Stefan Linde, Laura Maschlanka, Stiva Maschlanka, Fedja Mauelshagen, Stefan Mauelshagen

memini tamen

memini tamen, 2001
15 min
featuring Emilia Bianchini, Nicola Cavaglieri, Vera Clement, Laura Maschlanka
mixed footage on video


d/b (demeter meets baubo), 2002
5 min
featuring Laura Maschlanka, Valeria Risi, Eleonore Schäfer, Anja Kloth
video installation
produced at KHM Academy of Media Arts Cologne


setting (take 3, women only | linear version), 2003
12 min
featuring Valeria Risi, Antonella Simonetti
best short film at Torino Film Festival 2003 (Spazio Italia)


garage|katze, 2004
7 min
first installation at Rencontres Internationales 2006 (Paris), 2007 (Madrid, Berlin)


de-TOURs, 2008
12 min
featuring Tessa Knapp, Jana Debus, Stefan Linde, Stiva Maschlanka
sound design by Gerrit K. Sharma
first installation at Galerie KUB Leipzig

gestures with sensors

gestures with sensors, 2011
13 min
video (computer driven with display extension)
co-produced by re-active platform and MOCA Museum Of Contemporary Art Taipei
first installation at MOCA Taipei October-November 2011


states of documents, 2012
11 min
co-produced by Noarte Paese Museo and officinevida
first screening at Melancholy in Progress: 3rd Taiwan International Videoart Exhibition, Taipei, October 2012


SMOKE, 2013
47 min and 43 min
produced by arte-e-parte
video installation
first presentation as part of Non-Discrete at Contemporary Art Ruhr Essen, May/June 2013


redirection of action, 2013
9 min and 16 min
produced by arte-e-parte with the support of VIR Viafarini and Goethe Institut Milan
video installation
first presentation at VIR Open Studio Milan, July 2013


Camera telescopica con ruedas, 2015
variable durations
produced by arte-e-parte with the support of Residencias Artisticas, Universidad Nacional Bogotà
video loops
first presentation as part of Trans_Aktion at Contemporary Art Ruhr Essen, June 2015


Monitoring Seaborders, 2015
9 min and 16 min
produced by arte-e-parte
video and video installation
first screening at IFFF International Women Film Festival Dortmund/Cologne, April 2016


que es visible, 2014-2018
67 min
produced by arte-e-parte with the support of Residencias Artisticas, Universidad Nacional Bogotà
split screen video
first presentation as part of Archipel exhibition at Glasmoog Cologne, February/March 2018


Deep Interview (on monitoring), 2018
30 min
featuring Valeria Risi, Christiane König
produced by arte-e-parte
video and video installation


ohne Titel, 2018
23 min
produced by arte-e-parte
video and video installation

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michael zepter
georg rosenthal, michael zepter und ansgar jerrentrup (courtesy m. zepter).
ruben malchow
four ages of men, 2005
(courtesy ruben malchow).
UNTITLED by friedrich blume
untitled, 2011
(courtesy Friedrich Blume).
homometer, 1973
(courtesy VALIE EXPORT).
julia scher
wonderland, Andrea Rosen gallery, 1998
(courtesy julia scher).

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