Thomas Kule├ča


2004-?. interactive software tool for mapping movement to sound.

"... I am more interested in a participatory approach: In the context of a dance club, the dancing people form, in cooperation with the DJ and maybe some special dancers among them, the sound which they are dancing to. Passive attendance in an exception is replaced by active participation in a (self-)show. Top-down communication from DJ to the dancers is replaced by a complex net of communication in all directions. No one has the full control on what is happing." [from older version of this page]

Screenshot of Wechselspieler GUI The software is developed in C++ with the GTK+ GUI toolkit and the gstreamer media frame work. Check out the ugly project homepage for more details on it. The software is released under the GNU general public license

If you want to get an impression on how the software works, take a look at the demonstration video (16 MB). I did also some sound experiments with the movement of water (8MB), movements on the beach (17 MB) fire (4 MB) and cars on a swinging bridge (3 MB).