Thomas Kule├ča

audiodome playground

2009/2010, interactive 3D installation for teenagers/children for playful exploration of digital music making. ISEA 2010 workshop, Animax multimedia theatre, Bonn


Audiodome Playground is an interactive environment for a front/floor projected stage with a spatial sound system. Its purpose is to teach the basics of digital sound creation, like various synthesis techniques, sampling and sequencing. To achieve this it provides a graphical user interface, projected on the floor and the wall. By means of this, the user is enabled to compose sound by connecting and tuning various "sound building blocks" like oscillators, filters or loops. To enhance the effect of learning the interface not only works visually and habitually like common standards GUIs, but also by taking the space surrounding the user into account to activate spatial memory.


Interaction is done through a marker based rigid body video tracking system and remote controls (Nintendo Wii). Graphical output is provided by a distributed 3D scene graph system (OpenSG). Spatialised realtime sound output is done by the Audiodome system on the basis of SuperCollider and controlled by the application by the OpenSoundControl protocol. Application programming was done in C++.


Graphical/interaction design, software design and implementation.