Thomas Kule├ča


page source

The HTML source of this page is generated by a small scheme program. It can be used to construct pages with similar base layout (headline, left menu, content area right of it) very simply. It needs the chicken scheme interpreter to run.

GnuPG public key

If you want to send me encrypted emails or files you can use my GnuPG (GNU Privacy Guard) public key.

With GnuPG, which is a free software tool, you can encrypt a text file, so that is only readable by a specific person. For this you need the persons public key. It can also be used to sign a file. With your signature you authenticate, that a file is really from you and that it was not altered afterwards by anyone.

There are plug ins available for most major email clients. With Apple Mail I am using GPGMail which works quite well. On Linux I am using the free Evolution mail client, which has build-in GnuPG support.