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  JosefSkil (Oskar vanden Belt)      
      JosefSkil(Oskar vanden Belt) is a media artist who works with graphics and audio.

Since years he's been working as a club_vj, and makes his own unusual noiz_soundscapes which can be listened at the free radiostation Radio100 in amsterdam and on the web ( and (

Shows are live, which means live mixing all kinds of digital/analoge sources. Most of the "recycled"_sounds are conversions of images and old computerprg's. His soundscapes can be described as very rough,noizy and superStereo. Some work can be listened at:

I would like to influence the the boat itself (the feel and it's sail_direction) by recording/reproducing its own sounds/mix, trying to find it's own resonance_freq. 2nd part is broadcasting a live_mix_audiostream with all kind of sounds/images/div.libs live/pre_recorded/boat. (can be a part of combined reBooT_audiostream/audio network).

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