Plein Air AI II

An in-door plein-air. A team of 8 artists plus a whistle-blower became a kinetic animated entity. This project is an adjacent to the Plein Air AI I, as a sober sibling, one part of a diptych. When Plein Air AI I addressed chance/choice, being here/there and act-as-social-being paradigms, Plein Air AI II focuses on a upper body, so to speak, on hands, shoulders and the chest. A close-up version of PA AI 1. If Plein Air AI I can be comprehended as Animalia animated, Plein Air AI II is akin to Flora or Plantae. 

As with the other side of the diptych, the participants had an absolute freedom of choice between two modes of standing. Standing with hands raised over their heads and standing with the hands down. Despite being individual beings with their own autonomous perceptions, stimuli and motoric systems, qualia and etc. participants shared the space and time which was somehow affecting their decisions.  A subtle balance between individual, absolute and declarative freedom and communal self limiting, self-balancing through invisible communicative acts was an aesthetic object of this project.

160 individual positions (8 participants x 20 acts)

Act 1: 6 (hands up) - 2 (hands down),

Act 2: 3-5,

Act 3: 3-5,

Act 4: 7-1,

Act 5: 4-4,

Act 6: 4-4,

Act 7: 2-6,

Act 8: 6-2,

Act 9: 4-4,

Act 10: 4-4,

Act 11: 5-3,

Act 12: 4-4,

Act 13: 5-3,

Act 14: 4-4,

Act 15: 6-2,

Act 16: 5-3,

Act 17: 4-4,

Act 18: 5-3,

Act 19: 7-1,

Act 20: 7-1.


Hands up: 95, hands down: 65