Human Assisted Democratic Rendering Engine.
A real-time render of a sequiential democratic unfolding as (an artistic) action. Envy. Apathy. Frustration, shattered expectations.
Passive control of the pattern through active participation.

Color (B/W) of each square (of 64) was collectively decided by 5 voting members, voting anonymously. In order not to be affected by the voting of the neighbor, each member had to wear special goggles with the blocked side view. Also, each member had a voting flag to announce the vote for each round of voting (of 64)
Two procurists sitting across from the voting members would count the votes and announce the winning colour. Any color which eceived 3 or more votes will be wining color for that round. Abstaining from the vote was not aloved. The painter would color-in the designated square accordingly. 

The voter would cast the vote for one or another color and will see her vote either being a winning one and the square in call will be painted in the color of her chosing, or not. The voter will try to predict what other members could vote like and adjust her voting accordingly. The recognizable pattern change, or any emergence of periodicy, telling us that the voting members were able to communicate their choices non-verbaly and entirely through the black-white sequence, didn't appear in this project. 


The final pattern of the grid