Nice Project

Inspired by and in response to Gianmarco Serra's "EU Constitution" project.

10 artists working together created a nice artwork.

Nice artwork was a result of communal-collaborative act framed by the clear rules of engagenment and nice social interaction, such as courtiously following demarcation, denotation and disembarkment procedures.

Artists formed two groups (horizontal and vertical) of 5 members each. Horizontal group was allowed to draw horizontal lines, and vertical group, vertical ones.  

Each group organized itself in a queue. Artist at the front of the queue would conduct a line drawing within the designated area (circle) and go to the back of the queue, waiting for her turn again. 

Each artist had 5 turns. 
The procedure followed 5 rules:

1. Each artist draws 1 line at a time
2. Each artist has 5 (drawing) turns
3. The line can not cross the other line
4. The line has to touch the other lines at both ends.
5. The line has to be straight.

Also, the overarching goal was to make artwork look nice. 

It was time nicely spent.