Ein kybernetischer Raum

by Thomas Kuleßa and Karin Lingnau


Ansicht auf Person, bewegliche Elemente und deren SchattenGenerally spoken, the work Ein kybernetischer Raum deals with the topic of perception and creation of space. We understand space not as quantum of objects or things with characteristics and attributes like form, postion, size, distance and certain static relations between themselves but as act by an individual in relation to its surroundings. Space as a verb not as a noun.

In the room we built we extended the idea of space as act to the idea of space as inter-act. Not only the visitor forms the space through his reactions on the architectural elements around him, but the elements themselves react on the visitor and the given room.

Formally spoken out work consists of programmed, moving machines, carrying superstructures made of plexiglas through a room illuminated with extremly bright LEDs emitting white light. These lamps a placed in different heights, directions and positions throughout the room. Through this the walls and the floor of the surrounding room are textured with geometries made of lines of light and shadow. They offer a new perception of the dimensions of the installation space.

They robotic room elements move slowly and continiously through the room. Sensors in the base allow orientation and navigation in space. Each a cybernetic system of their own they establish through interaction which each other and the visitor a complex dynamic system, a continious game of attraction/rejection, question/answer, agression/defence, activeness/passiveness. Always in the purpose to find the "ideal" position, the equillibrium of all stimuli, which can never be reached.

The shape of elements is mainly constituted by their bodies of geometrical plexi glas shapes, fixated by translucent, adhesive tape. Their form remind of crystalline structures. Standing vertically, fan folded they refract and reflect the light on walls and floor in manifold ways. The visitors and observers get part of the dynamic shaping of the space by their presence and movement.

The work was introduced to a broad publicity for the first time at the Altitude 06 at Academy of Media Arts Cologne in Germany.