Networkings Workshop

A two-day workshop to get going with the Linux command line, scripting and sensors. It's not about learning some specialized skill that you're not sure you'll ever need again, it's about techno-literacy. We need to be able to understand how the devices that we use do what they do. For that, you have to get intimate.

Day one: Intro to the Command Line

Day two: Intro to Scripting


Raspberry Pi Video Looper

An extremely simple, robust and cheap media player, for exhibitions, presentations or other display situations

How to clone a Raspberry Pi image to an SD card

To get that video looper running, or any other Raspberry Pi project

Synced video with Raspberry Pis and omxplayer-sync

cheap multi-channel synchronized video

also see: how to archive online audio/video media

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Compiled for the KHM Surveillant Architectures seminar by Christian Sievers 2017–2020. Get in touch: sievers @ / @chrsiev