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The seminar deals with how public and private space is created, defined and controlled through surveillance and security measures, and how room for play and action is being established. We negotiate issues of visibility and invisibility, hiding and reconnaissance.

The focus is on the development of new methodologies for artistic practice, especially those that cross diverse media in a performative way.



Winter Term 2016/17: Systematic Observation and Recall

Wednesdays 10 – 13 h, room 2, Filzengraben 2a
A discussion and production seminar, geared to critically engage contemporary surveillance and control measures in artistic practice.

The seminar deals with how room for play, action and critique is being established by artists and filmmakers today.  Using public and private space as examples, issues of “controlled states” under surveillance and security will be examined.

The focus is on the development of new methodologies, identities, and narratives, especially those that cross diverse media in a performative way.  

Required reading includes Foucault‘s ‚Discipline and Punish‘, Deleuze‘s ‚Postscript on the Societies of Control‘ and the introductory essay to HKW's "Nervous Systems" catalogue.

Drone workshop
Mid Term Review: 6. & 7. December 2016


Summer Term 2016: Surveillance is the Business Model of the Internet, and Other Hollywood Stories

Poster by Steffi Glauber SS16_900px.jpg
Discussion and production seminar, geared to critically engage contemporary issues in artistic praxis today.

The seminar intends to focus on the effects of observational technologies and recording strategies used in projects.  Structures investigated include: moving image; video “labs”;  internet data accumulators; performance; installation; and surveillant objects.

Mid Term Review May 10 & 11, 2016
Cryptoparty May 19, 2016 (in collaboration with Glasmoog and Jonas Hansen)
Drone workshop
Final project

Women under Surveillance Symposium

The two-day Women under Surveillance Symposium took place on December 2 and 3, 2015.

For more info please see Video documentation to follow shortly.

Winter term 2015/16: Up in the Air

The rise of consumer-grade drones brought an avalanche of bird's eye view footage into everyday media. A formerly privileged view has been made available to the masses, extending into airspace one of the core principles of the Internet: Transparency goes both ways. "Technology magnifies power in both directions" (Bruce Schneier). 

We quickly become habituated to seeing ourselves from an overhead perspective, and we start thinking about our bodies as figures on a grid. The view from above is inseparable from its use for mapping (with the utilitarian, market and military implications that this carries). As more and more of modernity and surveillance goes from liquid (Zygmunt Bauman/ David Lyon) to vaporous (uncertainty/ The Cloud), we get used to the idea that there is activity overhead, looking down on us. While it is entirely possibly that this isn't new at all, and just an update of  the old fashioned all seeing eye of god, the disconnect of the fixed position of the controlling body and its multiple, mobile, remote controlled viewpoints is central to the argument.

Summer term 2015: Women under Surveillance II

Continuing the previous seminar, we will look at the role of women in the development of techno culture, leading up to the current state of ubiquitous surveillance.

15. to 17. May, Chaos Cologne „Edge of Control“
The first Chaos Cologne conference, a cooperation of KHM and Chaos Computer Club Köln: Workshops and talks, exchange and networking, keynote by artist Cornelia Sollfrank

Winter term 2014/15: Women under Surveillance


Summer term 2014: Liberation Movements


Winter term 2013/14: The Future


Summer term 2013: The Surge


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