PLANTS in JARS (in vitro )


Goethe Plant growing in a glas jar upon sterile nutrification media ( 210 mm, diameter 70 mm)

Service Information for all of you, who have got one ore more living plant in a jar:

1. First of all, you are hosting a living plant, which is growing upon a artificial nutrification media.


2. Nutrification media is composed by minerals, vitamins, sugar and a gelling substance purchased as Gelrite.The recepy of media is optimized to allow ideal circumstances for plants to grow in the glasjar for many month and sometimes few years.


3. Glas jars, nutrification media are sterile and free from fungus or bacteria.


4. If glas jar is opend under normal conditions, Microorganismen from the environment can enter nutrification media and propagate in a way, that will harm the growing plants. Please don´t open the tops of the glas jar!


5. The cultures are closed in a way, which allows exchange of air through an antimicrobiotical filter.


6. Don´t worry about growth conditions and exchange of air, the cultures are supported with everything they need. But take care of physical conditions arround the objects. If you expose it to strong sunligth, conditions inside the gas jars will become worse, the same ist true, if you expose it near heating . Beware of darkness, strong sun/light, Infiltration and puff of air, coldness and heating!


7. Mind to move plant in the jar from time to time and find optimal conditions inside your rooms. Ask for at least two objects to compare. Plants need moderate light sources, it depends on the types of plants growing. From my experience plants grow better, if you pay attention to living plants from time to time!


8. Further Questions? CONTACT


PLANTS IN RESIDENCE are prozessing artworks and change over month.

Since the nutrification media is consumed while growing at the end plants will shrivel

If you are unlucky, because your plant culture is reaching its end:

You can do at least three things:

I. Contact "pflanzfabrik" and find out, if we can transfer plant to fresh media in a novel jar. Don`t try to do it by yourself, if you are not provided by a clean bench and equipment.



II. Try to replant the content of jar into soil or hydroculture. Clean roots under running cold water from nutrification media and transfer to humid soil. Protect soil culture by plastic bag etc. for few days to allow plant to adapt to lower air humidity.


III. Keep object and prozess as is and put mumified plant to your collection of saved things. If objekt is dryed out comnpletely, you can open the cup and smell the odour of hay.