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This man once asked me: "how many people live inside of your head?"

I work for one year or two with one or two themes. Some of these themes come back, some others spread through other projects. Throughout the projects you might notice an interest for vast empty spaces, slow paces and monochrome images. In some other moments I need to use more colors, more speed and some chaotic elements to show contradiction through contrast. I try to avoid pictures and sounds that are too familiar, I am always looking for strange things, and I guess this gets mirrored in the work: you will see giant waves, displaced islands, impossible body shapes, many abstract elements, phantasmagoric landscapes, dark landscapes, silent storms, antennas, lights that turn to gas bubbles, a lot of isolation, a lot of desolation, empty cities... I try to give the viewer some sense of tranquility through rhythm and pace.


Marcia Vaitsman, born in Brazil in 1973, has a degree in media studies with specialization in radio and TV broadcast from Universidade de São Paulo. She was a student at the University of Vienna, in the Media and Germanistic Institute. Marcia has a post graduation degree in audiovisual art from the prestigious Academy of Media Art (Kunsthochschule fuer Medien KHM), Germany. From 2000 to 2007, she worked for the multimedia and artistic performance laboratory of professor Valie EXPORT and for the Department of Media Design as a member of the artistic team and teaching staff both at KHM. Among many exhibitions Marcia has had solo shows at Huuto in Helsinki, Centro Cultural São Paulo and Galeria Candido Portinari at the Brazilian Embassy in Rome, Italy. Marcia received prizes such as the Idea Capital Travel Grant, Fulton County Arts Fellowship 2013, Prize “Mostra de Artistas no Exterior” from the Biennial of Sao Paulo Foundation, grant from Prince Claus Fund, Holland, grant from FUNARTE, Rio de Janeiro, UNESCO-Aschberg prize, France/Finland, granted six-month artist in residence in IAMAS-Japan, EMMA Electronic Multimedia Award, London and others. Marcia’s work has been nominated and invited to video art festivals around the world. Marcia participates in art exhibitions in the Americas, Japan and throughout Europe.  Marcia also has a final degree in photography from SCAD, Atlanta, where she had a two-year fellowship. Her work is represented by Whitespace. The artist lives in Atlanta and keeps her residence also in São Paulo, Brazil.

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