X text

there, in as much as what is there is an on / off line.
Like a switch which, whether it is on or off, is never there. (see Wilden)
Synaptic interconnection of the cycle...
no place, no story, no rhyme, no reason. in fact sans everything.
Whether this will finally be determined through yarrow stalks or roulette wheels remains to be seen.
In the extant tape for instance a hand coming into frame and picking out an image from a virtual stack of 4 different texts alludes to the existence of the potential choice of 4. When the cycle is finished and the X text is broadcast? anyone interested can refer to one of the other three possibilities by simply buying the 4 hour VHS or the self-editing CD...
Available simply by throwing your credit card into the Seine / Vidus, Thames / Rhine...... O dés (esse) assis pas encore mutilé j'aimerai tenir un viconte en main pour