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welcome, sketch..period of life..lifeline..

fine..if lif..existential..essential..way of looking at life..and now,

for something completely new approach..a new approach to life..

standby mode..mode of living..of course...course of life..oh ja..for certain..

certain living conditions..necessaries..acceptance of

e fi li fei..lei..sicl..fein file..a life amongst..amongst other thinks..

i need coffee now..sure..service's a sony..duration of life.., get a life..i, days..

daisies..experience of life..expectation of life..thread of life..existential dread..

i read, a light..i am recording..i am recording now..i am taping everything..

check this out..vita..kurzvita..via bli..viability..excuse me, i have a question..

for you..a vital clue..a vital a of life..

red light blinking..critical..its your life conductor..

tell me..


whats in te index, whats the cost...cost of living index..i'm full of vitality..

he knows how to live..he always makes the best of thinks..always..the best..

in every situation of life..only the best get's a sentence for you..

alive..a life sentence..imprisonment..have a break..

have a kid..a cat..

  arbor vitae  curriculum vitae  taedium vitae

ta tic 

k toc watch this, a watch, what whatcha gonna..a watch..

do for for sebastian..

line of life, sweet hands..high spirits merry a messias..

zest..swinging core..fruit..core..fruit marrow...foodstuffs..

i'm working at a food store..there's this sweet girl..she's sensuous..

sensuous girl..she's a food analyst..we are analyzing all day..

we are analyzing all day and nite..sweet sweat..bread of life...

breathe and experience..experience breed..

a good breeding..savoir vivre..a new quality of life..keep on

extending you annuity..very nice..

very nice..up to date..update your lifesaving equipment..

any webpage is in, bloody out..

you need insurance..believe me..

html tags do it for themselves, consortium..spawn another console..

these are the bare necessaries of life..a well equipped equipment..

well position..

offline but in online position..i mean, you know, like.. postman rings..he's got a potion...elixir..

oh well, i keep on going, here i..

here i go..

remember...remind subversive..subsistence...maintenance..

system can always call the administrator..

your operating...unfit for life..

now..really..remind you..

endowment insurance policies make disorderly life..a joy toy..

for the children..children and their another

update..another down..

wordly generation operating system..

that's the key..i've been a miner for a heart of gold...

but i'm get none..this works..keyworks..fireworks..enjoy another

global's a sign..i wear..the world..

i wear the world varies me..the key workers equipment..

all the red lights are flashing now..

i dont have a clue..i dont give a damn..i'm a life member..

there's only one member in this community of life..

i aim i am rife..fruit..i strife..i am..

iam..aim in life..iam a mi ime tu es la de frace..