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The basic idea behind the project is to challenge the
habitual artistic routines of the students in order to inspire
their successful creative development. With the bondage
of urban conventions, a chrono-spatial granularity of city
life seeps into the subject matter of their artwork and
inadvertently affects the aesthetic choices which the art
students make.
Quite often it results in a self-inflicted distortion of the notion
and sense of “real”. The classic institution of an artists’ summer
retreat is an important strategy in reinvigorating the creative
impulses of predominantly traditional artists, it is, however,
rarely associated with new media.

This project is an attempt to juxtapose the digital, non-haptic,
anonymous, and virtual on one side; with the unique, corporal,
and romantic on the other. Leaving behind the inexorable grid
of the city, and the academic regime of the school, and then
diffusing themselves in the pastoral flow of the seaside would
give the art students an opportunity for a refreshed approach
to their projects. Situated deep on the Curonian Spit on a
metaphoric land’s end ­ a convergence-point of the elements
(land, sea, and wind) and shrouded in a mist of profound
romanticism, this location would also enable multiple critical
reflections on content and medium.

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