Nocturne 45: Bruce Gilbert, Mike Harding, Achim Mohné

Nocturne 45
Donnerstag – 01. November 2012, 20:00 h
Aula der Kunsthochschule für Medien
Filzengraben 2
Köln Altstadt
Nähe Heumarkt
Eintritt frei

Bruce Gilbert, Mike Harding, Achim Mohné

• Mike Harding presents “30 Years of Touch”
• Bruce Gilbert
• Achim Mohné
• Reprise: an improvised collaboration between Bruce Gilbert & Achim Mohné

Bruce Gilbert, whose career stretches back to the late 1960’s British avant garde art & music scenes; he has since played an important and influential role with his involvement in various rock based formations, including Wire, and has also worked for choreographic projects and art installations.

Mike Harding works as curator & producer; occasional exhibitions/installations/performances; Lecturer & Publisher; Author & Editor. 1982-2012+ runs the audio-visual label Touch, with Jon Wozencroft.

Achim Mohné studied at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, and started working with record players and other “sound-media-apparatus” in the mid ’90′s. He experiments with the space and time intervals of sound-media and is especially interested in the “music that lies hidden in the medium itself”. He subjects the support material to a forensic autopsy, for example, by analysing the dust particles inside an ending vinyl groove. Achim composes records (but one will not hear any reproduced music) to a music that comes out of the medium. Using a triple vinyl deck set-up, his analytic auditory observations of ending grooves – all grooves sound different, depending on how dust has effected and transformed the soft surface of the vinyl – convert tiny dust particles into a “sound sculpture”.

Mittwoch: 31. Oktober 2012, 18 Uhr; Klanglabor, Filzengraben 8-10.
Seminargäste im Soundarchaeology-Seminar: Bruce Gilbert, Mike Harding und Achim Mohné.
Conversation between Mike Harding and Bruce Gilbert about his solo work and collaborations, later joined by Achim Mohné

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