-Net-based computer installation, running of software written in C(open source) (2003/4)
yunchul kim

Innumerable codes (organless body)  flow to there own IP address into the net in this dynamic
rearranging space of codes without a specific reference. The network port is open, and the
codes are transmitted through the port from the inside and outside. You can imagine that you
are standing next to it, observing this rushed, imaginary landscape. Each code is a fragment
of text, sound, image, e-mail, net-bot, software, etc. and simultaneously an expression of
desire of this situated at the end of network. (void)traffic sends these codes to the console and
enable a dynamic, turbulent, mumuring ASCII poetry to arise(emergence) and at the same time
be deconstructed.      

(void)traffic provides a spectacular experience of data traffic: a direct, real-time visulaisation of
thecode being excuted on a specific server. By monitoring this server it visualizes the ongoing
traffic of digital information in a selected area of Internet. The code is displayed in waves of
activity. High activity results in protuberant eruptions that can be associated to constantly ongoing nuclear fusion processes on the surface of the sun. The data traffic is sonificated and visualized as a casacade of ASCII signs thrown up from the floor as a black and white digital organism. -transmediale