Every given (data) is syntactically encoded and requires a body, which may function as  medium, or as storage memory. The body may be long-lasting or short-lived.


 In this piece, the body consists of acoustic wave which are channelled through a system of  tubes. A circular causal process is required in order to transform this short-lived body into a  long-lasting one. This feedback has explosive and implosive properties; therefore, a  self-regulating system is implemented, preserving the physical equilibrium through  observable and dynamic behaviour. Only then can the body be used as storage memory.


 A codified audio signal circulates in a closed (feedback) system, consisting of a computer,  a speaker, 246 meters of copper tube and a microphone. By using the acoustic delay of the  tube system, it is possible to store data. The longer the tube, the greater the time delay,  which leads to greater memory capacity.


 One day I received an unexpected package from my homeland. When I unpacked it, I  found a slightly stale ricecake inside. The encounter underlined for me exactly how far away  my homeland was, in both time and space.

 "The medium helps define the meaning of a statement; in this way, a dynamic faculty is  evoked in the receiver."

 Thus the ricecake (body) became a given (data), which was not intended by the sender.