The Elephant's Memory is a pictorial language consisting of more than a hundred and a fifty combinable graphic elements (pictograms and ideograms). It invites people from various cultural backgrounds to communicate and explore a new means of expression.

The system presents a playful learning environment oriented primarily towards children, and provides an explorational tool enabling new approaches to the concept of language.The pictograms develop a visual link between the members of a community, and provide an original material for families and educators to encourage dialogue and creativity.

The Elephant's Memory is designed as an experimental workshop where innovative reflections on language, computers, and communication can be explored in small or large groups. As the Internet turns into a global multi-lingual community, the project searches for new ways to bridge cultures, and builds a transitional space between natural languages.

The Elephant's Memory is an open project from which different types of products are derived. These products exist in various media formats, from books and magazines to audio-visual and interactive media ( CD-rom, CD-i, World Wide Web, software and interactive television).

The CD-rom presents the pictorial dictionary, wich includes a browsable audiovisual tutorial and animated exercises. This makes learning and playing possible at home, or in small educational environments. Several updated versions of the dictionnary will be regularly published in the near future.

The software and the Postscript font which manage the creation of pictorial sentences are directly connected to an electronic mail device. This enables users to send and receive visual messages over the Internet. The software is one of the basic tools upon which a community of users will grow, and integrate the language into everyday life.

The Elephant's Memory needs your support to keep growing.

Visual Sentences