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Exhibition Dates:

Float! at Marian Spore/New York City.
July 30th 2010.

Float! at EMPAC/New York. March 18th 2010.
Interview by Kathleen Forde and Emily Zimmermann.

The Sri Lankan Monument at Kitchener Art Gallery, Kitchener/ Canada. September 18th 2009-January 23rd 2010

Virilio Cubes at Laboratorio Arte Alameda/Mexico City. March 13th 2009. Video Documentation

Thom Kubli, Record Attempt
Performance at Galerie Figge Von
, Köln. October 4th 2008

The attempt to set the record in
the category "The Longest Guitar
Solo Ever Played
" will be measured
and accredited by WSM - World
Records in Sound and Music


Bakunin Boys. Radioplay by Thom Kubli. May 11th 2010. WDR Köln.

Endstation Wüste/Live Radioplay
Kleiner Sendesaal/WDR, Köln.
September 27th 2008. 15.00.
Author: Paul Brodowsky
Music: Thom Kubli

Fireman Singin`/Radioplay Pre-
sentation in Surround Sound at
WDR/Studio3, Köln.
September 27th 2008. 16.00


> Stationsraum für Assimilativen Zahlwitz
> Virillo Cubes
> Geliege
> Notfallkit für Impulsive Wunschgebärden
> Inkubatorset für Postprofane Zwischenwelten

Wireless Installations ( PDF)
> Determinale Verschweifungen at the
New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York

> Deterritoriale Schlingen (concept)
> Deterritoriale Schlingen (documentation)
> Perlokale Schleifen (concept)
> Parkinglot Sculpture (concept)
> _Nezt (concept)

> ménage à3z
> Plantwoks I/III
> Expositionssystem

Audio Examp.(MP3)
> Stationsraum für assimilativen Zahlwitz
> Virilio Cubes

> Video Documentations

> Experimental radioworks